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I was born a unicorn, but I missed the ark... [entries|friends|calendar]
I'm tired of running, I'm tired of hurting...

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[December 17th, 2012]
Some times I really just want ti go back home. I think my trip back and the holidays are just getting to me. Its hard and being in such a struggle with everything makes that worse. But I love it here and this has become my home too but I honestly miss Michigan more than I ever imagined. I know id have money and could do things and have money to fix things when they break and it doesn't help that I want ti be there to be with him. I think about him constantly and know he's a big part as to why it feels harder. I just want to get out of thus funk and have things not go so wrong all the time.
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[September 3rd, 2011]
I've lost myself esteem, I've lost me. I depended on other people for happiness and I just don't care for myself anymore. It's scary, I'm distant from everything I love and was. I don't feel good inside or out and I feel like I've slipped into a sink hole. I'm just not happy anymore.

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[May 7th, 2009]
Happy Birthday Alex!
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[April 21st, 2009]

yum. like, yum. stil no pictures with cause there was a bunch of press stuff going on so i couldnt interupt but yay for awesome sales people and damn the twins look good. ridiculous,, i tell you. te new hair is really working for joel in person.

new tattoo looks amazinggg.
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[April 14th, 2009]
happy birthday holly!
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[April 10th, 2009]
Happy Birthday Krisse!!!! <333
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[October 10th, 2008]
So since later last night, I've felt like I've been slammed by a fucking MAC truck. Then, taken out to the tracks in front of my dorm and RUN OVER.

Fuck sinuses. Fuck sore throats. and most of all, fuck migraines.

My medication doesn't work anymore and my headaches are becoming more continuous--lasting for days on end.

Ugh, I hate this. Being sick and lonely sucks hardcore. I'm going to be able to do nothing but stay in bed, eat some soup, take some medicine, and drink lots of water to try and get better.

on the other hand, I forced myself out the door to go to the drag show tonight. Our emcee was from Grand Rapids and was "Bettie Davis" she had the mouth of sailor and crude humor, which I enjoyed. And HOLYHOTDAMN that girl had some killer legs. I'd kill for a set of legs like that--and she had curves more like a real woman so that nice to see. She was gorgeous actually, makes me sad that a chick with a dick can be so damn beautiful and I can't lmfao. And she was pulling some dancing with the stars shit in those stilettos, so damn (however, she is a dance major)

Then it was just funny seeing some of the people I know dressed up. Our performers were Kelly Clarkson, Sugar Belle--who's junk we all saw and did some impressive high heeled cartwheels, Jackie--who was super petite and the most femme of anyone, Savage Garden--LMFAO nothing better than two gay girls dressing as gay guys and doing that on stage, and Justin timberlake--also nothing better than a lesbian break dancing to Sexyback and doing the worm and the moonwalk. And then there was a crazy, drunk Rhianna--more so a mix of courtney love and amy winehouse :D

It was fun though, even if I still feel like crap. I just hope this bug passes asap.
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[April 17th, 2007]
[ mood | blah ]

so...this morning as i was walking into school, 'beautiful place' started playing and and I looked and things just seemed better. like i knew i was going to be okay. as the day went on though i found myself becoming more and more detattached and just...not good. i hate being compared to people and getting that feeling that they're so much better than me, and i know how selfish that sounds but it's true. i don't need to be the best, i just wish i could be better. i guess everyone does though.

I''m on my way to the doctor's right now to make sure thew cancer isn''t back again.

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[February 12th, 2007]
[ mood | sick ]


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Friends Only [October 11th, 2006]
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I decided after now that it's to be friends only.

So, if you aren't already, then do it.
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